Teddy Afro – Ethiopia Review

In his 5th album, Ethiopia, Teddy afro plunges us deeper into his trek of Ethiopian nationalism. As happy as we are to have a full album, if compared to his previous albums and keeping in mind the resources at his disposal, Teddy’s artistic capacity are not realized.  The patriotic line-up, though terrific, has already been…

Frenzied by modern love.

Never let a man cash in on your shared struggle/homeland. A hard lesson in *douchebags have no borders*

Europe and the people without history: Revisited

It was with contempt that I came across the Daily Mail’s breakthrough story; Britain scraps £9million foreign aid for Ethiopia’s Spice Girls after Mail revealed ‘blood boiling’ waste of taxpayers’ money, dated January 6th 2017. I was merrily taking part in the traditional jeering of a cousins Ferenji/White fiancée when the article popped up on my notifications….