I HAVE/AM a nutter for Harry Potter, Yelp elite squad est 2009, goodwill or die, lived in 3 states, 2 countries for school/work, Mother of Drago—psyche!

To surmise, I am many things and have diverse interests so why host a blog with such a specific topic? ALORRA (Master of None 2 plug) because the space for young Ethiopian Americans to share, learn and amuse ourselves is pitiful. The platforms currently catered to Ethiopians (inadvertently incl. Eritreans or dubbed Habesha) are either trivial, inaccurate and/or alienating. To name some offenders IG; Habeshaqueens (80k followers), Habeshabeauties (13k followers). To cut things short, generally any twitter, IG, FB platform with a screen name habehsa [insert beauty adjective] is a place to ogle at hyper-sexualized Ethiopian and Eritrean girls with Semitic features.

Here are some informative blogs/platforms I’ve come across related to Ethiopia (some indirectly)